Eco Film

Human Nature

Year: 2021
Date: 4th of June, 21.00
Location: ”Mihail Sadoveanu” Museum, Copou

Human Nature is a Romanian documentary about the relationship between animals, humans, nature and exploitation in Romania.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A session with the directors of the documentary (Eduard Nistru, Diana Muscă) and some of the interviewees who appear in it. Participated in the making of this documentary: Paula Seling, Deliric, Remus Cernea, Andrei Roșu, Marius Mitrache, Liviu Deacu, Gigi Ghinea, Doina Badea, Paul Sandu, Bogdan Gioara, Corina Zugravu, Sorin Dumitru, Anca Georgescu, Katharina Häni, Nicușor Popa, Iulia Moroșanu, Ana Maria Voicu.

We the Power | The Future of Energy is Community-Owned, PATAGONIA

Year: 2021
Date: 5th of June, 21.00
Location: ”Mihail Sadoveanu” Museum, Copou

The film chronicles local cooperatives from deep in Germany's Black Forest to the streets of ancient Girona in Spain and the urban rooftops of London, England, as they pave the way for a renewable-energy revolution and build healthier, more financially stable communities.

The film screening will be followed by a discussion about the future of energy with the founders of the Energy Cooperative and some cooperative members.

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