Horror Vacui


There are no empty spaces in nature. Everything has meaning, purpose and use. Everything is earth, wood, fiber, minerals, water, life and harmony. There is no nothing, no empty spaces. Uncovering layers and layers of beauty, artisans and artists have always translated nature into a language, which is built upon an alphabet of mysticism. This sacred geometry is the abstractisation of their perception of life. It bears a strong sense of horror vacui, the fear of empty spaces, being so rich that it becomes overwhelming, as if you forget how to breathe in front of its layered beauty.

We work with heritage knowledge and wisdom to recreate spatial pockets that are evocative of eclectic, subjective histories making up our contemporary world. Ancient futures feed our urgent need for sustainable solutions and regenerative cultural landscapes. We search for artists, designers, artisans, techniques, materials and semiotics, following leads and tracing influences. They compose a mindmap that expands the sacred into the organic geometry of cultural language, mirroring eachother as they highlight their creational wisdom.

Horror Vacui is an exhibition of the creativ industries about contemporary aesthethics, heritage wisdom, craft techniques and the ethics of these worlds coming together.

The exhibitors are:

Mircea Anghel

Stefan Neacsu

New in Architecture Section

Romanian Creative Week proposes a genuine architecture festival which will take place throughout the five days of the RCW event