Lucian Pop

Graduate of the fashion design department at the university of art and design in Cluj-Napoca, since his debut in this industry he takes part in a number of the most important fashion events in Romania with his own collections and the collections of the brands that he works for.

With every collection, Lucian Pop brings a new subject of controversy, a new challenge, suggesting with seriousness a game that blends together characters and situations that at first glance, you might think that they come from two different worlds. A masculine style, that defines its self through rebellion and nonchalance, but also, through a profound reflection on the role of the designer in a modern society, that is degraded by the shallowness of our own image.
Simple at first sight, his creations explore the natural beauty, debonair but sophisticated.

Pure lines inspired by juvenile innocence that is intertwined with eccentric legerity through which humor is a lifestyle.
To break the molds and shatter the patterns but in a subtel manner is the philosophy of the creations signed under the name Lucian Pop.

New in Architecture Section

Romanian Creative Week proposes a genuine architecture festival which will take place throughout the five days of the RCW event