Brand Philosophy / Concept:

The PATZAIKIN brand tells stories in fabric, handed down from one generation to the next.

Drawing upon its love for traditional culture and workmanship distilled through innovative design, the PATZAIKIN vision comprises a journey for rediscovery of nature. The brand makes the tradition even more relevant in molding the future. It believes in conscious design and trusts that every piece of clothing evolves organically, based on personal experience. The products are not designed for a specific target group, they are unisex, as the brand looks for harmony and the sense of the immense richness and aesthetic sensitivity of nature.
Apart from the seasonal trends of fashion, the PATZAIKIN pieces become your very personal layers for timeless expression. Clothes not as protection, but as membrane and in the same time a link between humans and their environment.
From the hemp plant to thread, from fabric to products, this is the inner drive of the clothes, engaging with the materiality and sensitiveness of hemp fibers, learning from the millenary wisdom of the Romanian hemp heritage. “de cânepă” (hemp) collection plays with the architecture of shapes, the asymmetry of surfaces, encompassing textures and colors from the fairy-tale-like atmosphere of the Danube Delta.
It propose a garment that will respond to the urban needs as much as those of the adventures in the wild. PATZIAKIN pieces highlight the rural-urban connection and are made from materials that were traditionally used by the Romanian folk.

The designer OLAH GYARFAS is the creative head behind the PATZAIKIN brand. Educated in Timișoara - Romania, and Budapest - Hungary, his collections are marked by the nonchalant experimentation with various materials and textures, with almost imperceptible details and a sculptural cut of the clothing line.
Similar to a research laboratory, OLAH GYARFAS subjects to a process of separation and fusion the fabrics and colours. His pieces become true objects of observation: the details are augmented, the cuts are asymmetrical and the extracted textures are transformed into iconic patterns. The colour range is restricted in order to blend naturally with the new interpretation of the fabrics. The collection thus acquires a sculptural and austere cut in a minimalist chromatic, in accordance with the simplicity and the naturalness that became the distinct signature of PATZAIKIN.

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Romanian Creative Week proposes a genuine architecture festival which will take place throughout the five days of the RCW event