Alexandru Simedru


Alexandru Simedru graduated from the National University of Arts in Bucharest, Specializing in Fashion Design. He proposes a new vision of contemporary society and the redefinition of human behavior, using clothes.

The brand is an artistic-cultural manifesto regarding the freedom of being true to who you are, a revolution of thinking in a society that transforms norms and values based on technology.
More than 80% of the items are unisex, wishing to underline gender equality and disperse the preconceptions of sexuality.

The clothing pieces combine street style with an important part of costume history, bringing to the fore the antithesis between actual and historic. The main idea that stands as the core of Alexandru`s collections is to redefine the idea of luxury and create a bridge between generations.

The highlighted element is the hoodie and the overall garments that revolve around sportswear, products that are used on a daily basis in today’s society. As a statement of nowadays, luxury remains comfortable and easy to wear.
The silhouettes are remodeled in unique proportions, statuesque, where urban art and refinement combine harmoniously to create a unity effect.

The brand focuses on the main conceptual ideas with direct messages to society, adding the commercial side by also having different collaborations with other brands in the industry, such as Cactus The Brand.

Keywords: oversized, young, street style, urban, unisex, sports.

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