Apparently amorphous, inert and claustrophobic, the MAELSTROM installation is constructed on the dichotomy between the geometric design of a single central, monumental and captivating element, a tree growing inside a clearly delimited enclosure and the almost palpable persistence of the soundtrack: buzzing insects, caries that eat wood, dripping liquids …Starting with the intention of illustrating the existential anguish of the characters from the theatrical drama “The Closed Space Trilogy”, by contemporary Romanian playwright Flavius ​​Lucăcel, the artist Ioana Olăhuț filtered the idea through the remnants of her childhood curiosity about the transformations of reality around her, in an attempt to illustrate the irreversible path that all of  its structures follow. Hence the appearance of a tree whose woody substance takes the structured form of a suite of combined parallelepipeds; although doomed to decay, it continues to grow, due to the initial vital impulse, like the corneous productions of the human epithelium. The content becomes packaging, the organic becomes inorganic, the sinuous line becomes a straight line, nature becomes culture.

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