Mihai Plătică

Mihai Plătică lives and creates in Cluj, Romania

“Mihai Plătică proposes an essentialist approach to art. For him, photography and art itself are a form of observation that happens to be an important method not only for art, but also for the natural sciences. The artist is inspired by the physicalities of the world around us, completing the subtle spectacle of the elements with a somewhat frivolous but curious interest in the way science approaches the physical realities of the universe.

Mihai Plătică investigates the nature of materialities, interrogates the evidence of objects, bodies and concrete elements of space. He focuses on an elementary problem: what is the inherent logic of objects, how photography can interpret the general principles of change that govern all natural bodies. The works can be perceived as an attempt to contribute to the ontology of the substance.

Since works of art have their own physical and media nature, his works force us to think of objects and forms in a double aspect, reminding us that art is pure representation.” (Keszeg Anna)

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