Want to become a real content creator? Perfect! We have prepared the ideal place where you can put your creativity to work. Come to the House of Influencers, on Lăpușneanu Street, in Iași, where we have created three “instagrammable” installations, full of lights and special effects, so you can make quality content, ready to find its place on your feed. The main partner of the project is @glo_romania. Together we continue our mission to support the creative industries.

Just like during the first edition in 2021, the House of Influencers will include some of the biggest influencers in Romania, followed on social media by millions of people.

Have fun and grow big in social media!

🔞 glo™ is a potentially low-risk product for consumers of tobacco or nicotine products. Exclusively for people over 18 years old.

Locatio: Lăpușneanu Street

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