Bianca Ilonca

Bianca Ilonca believes that fashion is the story of the humankind, a mystical fusion between art and science translated into a piece of clothing. She transformed painting into movement on the surface of her clothes and changed the social value of art and fashion. Past, present and future of what we wear is the summary of everything that surrounds and develops humans, a sensory and three-dimensional experience that we all co-create with our thoughts and intuition. Finding the balance between order and chaos becomes a metaphor of the creative process that transcends the limits of imagination. Time and space gain a new dimension, making the world an extension of the mind. Art is the expression of the inner reality of the “creator”. This is the projection of his mind expressed through body and soul, and what he leaves on this earth is a truth of the time in which he lived. Each human being is a creator and defines his own reality, he builds it conceptually around his own theories about beauty and authenticity, like a collage of the soul, designed by the mind. Creativity is a gateway to access the subconscious, where dreams and emotions transform reality.

Conceptual and full of strength, the image combines the text and describes everything she felt as a human being in the creative moment. The activism in her work seeks to open some human consciences around her, to weaken the barriers invented by humanity about sexuality, race and skin colour. Everything is an invention that has a cause and an effect. We establish the causes in depending on the personal point of view, which is different in each one of us and can be changed in any moment. The future is a continuous present. The ephemerality of the moment plays an illusion in our minds. Environmental and human rights issues are by default considerations for art and clothing.

Everything created by an artist possesses an energetic intelligence and unique beauty, and when worn, it conveys an emotion. Every one of us is a work of art itself.

This is the reality seen through her eyes.

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