Fashion unplugged

ELECTRIC CASTLE x UAD x irina schrotter

The participation of UAD Fashion Design students and Graduates at events such as Fashion Unplugged – EC or Romanian Fashion Week – RCW have raised awareness that helped them for their future careers.

This new project is a continuation of the collaborations between ELECTRIC CASTLE with students and Graduates from the UNIVERSITY OF ART AND DESIGN, Cluj-Napoca, and a development of the Institutional Internship Program between UAD Fashion Design and irina schrotter & ROMANIAN CREATIVE WEEK, Iași.

If in the last couple of years, within the Institutional Internship Program, we concentrated on technical aspects of constructing / finishing the items conceived for group collections or Graduation collections, this time the new partnership encourages the exploration of MERCHANDISE products, with a clear destination and with a complex promotion.

The main goal of this project is that of creating a cool & edgy line for EC Merchandise, through an authentic design, promoted in various ways.

Diana Flore (who also graduated from UAD’s Fashion Design Department) is coordinating the EC Merchandise division. She was the one who invited UAD to be part of this project. Head Department Merchandise Products for ELECTRIC CASTLE is Bianca Rus and the Creative Director of EC is Andy Daniluc.

Representing the brands – irina schrotter and ROMANIAN CREATIVE WEEK – Irina Schrotter coordinates the Internships in Iași, sharing next to her teams, from the valuable and consistent experience, in the creation as well as the business aspects.

Special thanks to Associate Professor PhD Anamaria Tomiuc, for her involvement and support given to this project.

UAD Fashion Design’s 1st Year of MA Students are coordinated by Associate Professor PhD Lucian Broscățean.

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