The brand desires, through its philosophy, to inspire people to have the ease and courage to be themselves regardless of any expectations, social rules, trends, or age. We wish for comfort in our own skin.

Scapadona is a Ready-to-wear brand, which produces clothing items designed and created to combine harmoniously a relaxed, practical and refined style. Andreea Ivan (founder and designer) believes in the dual property of quality design – functionality and decoration – therefore the products have distinct aesthetic attributes, also designed to suggest relaxation and comfort, in link with everyday situations and natural moments of life. The products are to be naturally worn on the street, at the office, at an event, at home, exactly wherever their owners feel to, by people with an eye formed in the aesthetic direction, brave, focused on progress, confident and not trying to impress or to be anything other than they truly are.

The brand approaches a light, natural and eclectic style. Regarding the succession of the collections in particular, the product’s stylistic atmosphere remains faithful to each collection’s concept. Hence, an unpredictable chromatic, the use of print and texture mixtures or spontaneous fabric fusions. The designer’s defining aesthetic style is based on challenge, unpredictability, stylistic subtlety.

Concepts start from personal searches, questions and different perspectives of everyday life. The succession of collections preserves a story, linked in continuity both through concepts and aesthetically, through various rhythmically repeated visual elements. The philosophy of the brand came from a need for emotional and aesthetic expression, which led to deep and sensitive concepts, which touch on topics such as rationalization and pragmatization of emotions, confirmation, reflexivity or knowledge.

The collection that launches the brand coincided with the designer’s BA project. Undersea River had a concept built around the ideas of duality and contradiction, metaphorically detached from this suggestive natural element: a river in the sea – a sweet, running water, fast flowing in a salty and static water. The idea was born from the designer’s personal interest in the sea and water, both aesthetically and conceptually. Stylistically, this collection’s direction was mature and precious, subtly approaching the chromatic side, the textile factor, or other games of their manipulation.

The brand’s second project, Wild Marina, started with the construction of a character: Marina. She is the vision of a doll absorbing and exuding every aspect of herself that society wants to see. Pleasing expectations in an obvious manner, without even considering her own. Inside her, there is a garden. Thus, there lives a wild harbor, full of weeds and flowers together. The girl’s name is a reference to water, which continues the story of the first collection. This time, however, from an aesthetic point of view, less subtle directions and a more intense chromatic range are accessed.

The third collection will make the brand’s entrance in the commercial realm and will bring an aesthetic truly closer to the designer’s vision, after various searches in different directions.

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