Indie Box

Indie Box is a ‘box’ of independent projects that proposes artistic contexts and products that challenge contemporary thinking and habits, with the aim of building more effective and attuned models for deeply human needs. We aim for freer minds and bodies, more conscious interactions and social frameworks that recognise complexity and support diversity.

Indie Box’s work revolves around the performing arts, with contemporary dance and music created live through voice, beatboxing, looping and field recording as its main levers. With a keen interest in ways of occupying public space, mental health and social perceptions of madness, and the complexities of parenting, Indie Box has evolved organically over the last 6 years. Starting from a sound mapping project in Bucharest, going through research and cultural intervention experiences in public space, constantly testing different lecture formats and exploring the relationships between body, voice and space, Indie Box has gradually moved towards the production of performances, films and performative exhibitions.

Currently, Indie Box’s portfolio brings together performances and concerts created by artists Alexandra Bălășoiu, Denis Bolborea, Valentina de Piante, Ana Cristina Leonte and the vocal group Blue Noise, intended for both conventional and public spaces, as well as a dance film that was born from a collective process of artists Alexandra Bălășoiu, Virginia Negru, Cătălin Diaconu, Denis Bolborea, in dialogue with director and cinematographer Gabriel Durlan. The productions were presented in B  ucharest, Budapest, Buzău, Brașov, Câmpina, Cluj, Iași, Ploiești, Sfântu Gheorghe, Sibiu, Suceava, Timișoara. In 2020, Indie Box launched, an online platform that supports the visibility of beatboxing and live-looping, and since 2021 promotes dance as a means of transformation and knowledge through the digital project Danstopic.

Currently, Indie Box constantly organizes workshops and performances in psychiatric hospitals in collaboration with dance therapist Loredana Larionescu, supports artistic creative residencies for mother-artists and their children within [m]others and opens the processes to the general public in various workshop formats.

In conceiving and carrying out the proposed projects, Indie Box places emphasis on tracing innovative research and creative processes, being in a continuous search for the most organic links between artistic products and the environment they address and reflect.

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